Happy #SelfIsolating and #SocialDistancing


Here’s what I’ve been getting up to since the Prime minster made stricter rules about social distancing:

* Exercising twice a day – this has been painful maybe don’t do this… lol

* Cooking – trying out new recipes with things already in the house to try to be economical with food due to recent shortages

* Blogging and social media – I find this cathartic

* Reading the Bible – and making notes!

* My PhD – obviously

* Tidying and throwing away stuff I don’t need

* Paperwork including emails

* Volunteering with the online efforts with my church e.g. helping with content and editing

What are you up on to? 😛


Interesting Turn Of Events


My University is closed for a while as of today, as well as my church but my blog is very much open! 😊

My PhD is still going to continue. Might as well stay ahead!

In the mean time I have a bit more time to play guitar as the pressure is less bad

I’m using some Ethnographic methods and so I’m doing a chapter on that atm it’s a very interesting field which I have avoided up till now because it seemed awfully involved but my whole PhD really is an ethnographic investigation

Does anybody know where I can get some toilet paper?