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Hey everyone,

I want to talk about starting again. At my age, or even sometimes before, people sometimes reassess where they are going and decide to go back to university to retrain or they decide to start up a business after being x-amount of years in an industry and they start their lives again.

It can sometimes be a daunting task to reach out into the unknown and go into a different career or life path than the one you initially intended for yourself. However, it is a sign of a determined and courageous person.

It takes guts, you are not a failure. You just have the ability to critically reflect upon your life and the courage to do the right thing.

In these extraordinary times of the COVID-19 outbreak, I am sure that many people are having to either rethink their work, working practices, entire careers and life perspectives.

Here’s to the people who are brave enough to retrain and rethink.

I know I have.


Something light-hearted to cheer everybody up 😊 – #minecraft #hamsters #maze


I don’t usually spam with funny cute animal videos but I thought this was amazing.

Some guy on YouTube built this epic 3-dimensional maze for hamsters, then put his hamster in and I just couldn’t stop watching…


Totally Neat #YouTube Video I Found About #Solomon’s #Temple #biblestudy #Christian


I’ve been having really nice personal Bible study time lately. I’ve been getting up around 3am-5am and just taking my time with Jesus.

You know Bible study can involve not just reading the Bible but other things to supplement understanding as well.

I’ve read the whole Bible several times now and I am at 1 Kings at the moment. This time around I wanted to fully immerse myself in the text and I tried to find pictures of what the things I was reading about might have looked like.

In my search Jesus led me to this really neat video on YouTube that really explains what King Solomon’s temple would have looked like and gives some other background information that is totally helpful.

Enjoy, P.S. that description of the Temple is in 1 Kings chapter 6 to 7. Happy reading! ✝☺ πŸ“– β›ͺπŸ˜‡


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[Video] Where I am with my work right now! | #phdlife #phdupdates


Here’s a video update on my work:

Lots of love Catherine x

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Another #wedding photo!

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