Something light-hearted to cheer everybody up 😊 – #minecraft #hamsters #maze


I don’t usually spam with funny cute animal videos but I thought this was amazing.

Some guy on YouTube built this epic 3-dimensional maze for hamsters, then put his hamster in and I just couldn’t stop watching…


#Sexy #Sex and #Christian #Worship

Posted this on Wednesday by mistake instead of Thursday but it’s all good 😄


Now you know me and my juxtaposition of sexual activity and expressive worship. Well in my travels in academia doing my PhD in Womanist Theomusicology I came across something quite insightful that has really changed the way I worship. The idea came from a response to an interview question found in an ethnographic study by Travis Cooper (2011) Masters Thesis from Missouri State University: “Ecstasy and the Kinesthetic Body: An Ethnograhpic Study of Contemporary Pentecostal Worship”.

When analysing the responses Cooper received from the qualitative questionnaires regarding the worship techniques and ideas of Pentecostal Christians, Cooper found that one Pastor said something that really struck me. He related worshipping Jesus to a husband and wife having sex. Now, stay with me….!

The Pastor warned that when worshipping Jesus we should not perusing a good knees up with some songs that make us feel good. Instead, the pastor said we should be pursuing a relationship with Jesus. The same way a husband should not be having sex with his wife just for his own sexual gratification he should be having sex with his wife because he loves her.

The pastor said the following:

“…the ultimate goal for sexual relations between a husband and wife is not simply pleasure or childbearing, but facilitation of love between the two agents in the physical act of intercourse, so it is with worship.” (Cooper 2011, pp.182)

I learnt soo much about worship and love in that one profound sentence. There’s just so much I could say but I really think that sentence says it all. We should be thinking about Jesus when we are worshipping not looking to pleasure ourselves with little ditty’s that make us feel good.

So here’s how my worship practice has changed: Instead of sitting there singing/playing songs that make me feel good I think of Jesus more of a lover that I am pursuing. So I think well this should be about Jesus, what does Jesus want? How can I make Jesus happy? What can I do to make us closer?

Sometimes I just play the guitar to Jesus now because I think well, maybe Jesus just wants to listen to some music same as we humans do! Also, I try to improve my professional practice because I feel like Jesus wants me to improve.

When we worship and love our spouses it should be about the other person and getting to know them better not about ourselves.

Remember, pleasure should be a consequence of the pursuit not the other way around!

Happy #SelfIsolating and #SocialDistancing


Here’s what I’ve been getting up to since the Prime minster made stricter rules about social distancing:

* Exercising twice a day – this has been painful maybe don’t do this… lol

* Cooking – trying out new recipes with things already in the house to try to be economical with food due to recent shortages

* Blogging and social media – I find this cathartic

* Reading the Bible – and making notes!

* My PhD – obviously

* Tidying and throwing away stuff I don’t need

* Paperwork including emails

* Volunteering with the online efforts with my church e.g. helping with content and editing

What are you up on to? 😛


Interesting Turn Of Events


My University is closed for a while as of today, as well as my church but my blog is very much open! 😊

My PhD is still going to continue. Might as well stay ahead!

In the mean time I have a bit more time to play guitar as the pressure is less bad

I’m using some Ethnographic methods and so I’m doing a chapter on that atm it’s a very interesting field which I have avoided up till now because it seemed awfully involved but my whole PhD really is an ethnographic investigation

Does anybody know where I can get some toilet paper?


A Prayer For Musicians & Video Of Me Singing! | #musician #singer #acousticguitarist #worshipleader |

Hey everybody,

This morning I was praying to Jesus and playing my guitar and the thought crossed my mind:

I have never stopped to appreciate that I have been given musical talents because they have always been there.

I also started playing a song I wrote when I was a girl and noticed that I was able to play it a lot better and another thought crossed my mind:

I have gotten better at the guitar, I have never stopped to thank Jesus for improving my gifts, they haven’t just stayed the same I have actually improved.

Let us who are musicians be thankful to Jesus for actually giving us the gifts in the first place and also let’s take time to actually appreciate Jesus for helping us to improve. When I first started playing the guitar as a little girl of about 8 my little hands were too weak and my fingers were too short to hold down Barre Chords (here’s a handy link to what that is for the uninitiated). I used to avoid playing F major like the plague and I would have avoided B minor but my voice was so high pitched anything I was going to sing was always in D so I just had to be in pain hah hah hah hah. I can laugh about it now but at the time I really struggled lol.

Below is a prayer I have written for those musicians who want to thank Jesus for their gifts:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the gift of music. I pray that one day you will perfect Your work in me so that through my music ministry every love song will be about You. Thank You for giving me the gift to perform and for helping me to improve. Thank You for blessing me with experiencing joy when encountering all of the different timbres, rhythms and tonalities. Thank You for harmony as well as the beautiful contrast of switching between minor and major tonalities. Thank You for all of the different instruments and for providing me with access to instruments and tuition and mentors.

In the name of King Jesus Christ. Amen


Couldn’t let you go without showing me performing a worship song I wrote (back before I cut my hair lol):



p.s. the Instagram vid below is a snippet of me having late night worship in my room, this week. I’m dyspraxic so I struggle to get the coordination needed for picking the strings but Jesus has really helped me. The picture is black because it was after midnight and I couldn’t be bothered to put on the light but you can hear me 😉

Work Smarter Not Harder #exercise

Hey everyone!

So I have been doing exercises but lately I have decided to shift the focus and intention of my training.

Before it was all about sculpting to get the shape I wanted and I was trying hard to maintain it but I have come to the realisation!

Just eating right you will naturally get the shape you want and it’s true I have seen it with my own eyes on my own body, then all you have to do is keep your muscles strong and focus on stamina which keeps a decent level of athleticism, to make day-to-day tasks a breeze. Plus you’ll get all your vitamins and so on with a reasonable diet.

My goodness it all makes so much more sense now!

Changes to your lifestyle mean you don’t have to work out as hard because there is less naughtiness to burn off lol.

Just wanted to update you guys so you too can work smarter not harder!




I am currently enjoying not eating too much, after a period of indulgence lol.

Food….. *drools*

Anyway, turns out we really don’t need to eat as much as we do and it’s not entirely healthy. We overeat especially in the West.

I took some natural anti-inflammatory tablets in the form of Tumeric, Garlic and Curcumin supplements. That helped deal with any inflammation that came from over indulgence and helped my digestion along.

I had this amazing handmade Turkish burger from a grill place local to me twice in less than 2 weeks…man alive it was delicious.

Anyway, this is my 30th year walking this earth lol (my birthday in a couple of months!) and I question how constructive it is to allow myself to get chubby (I’m not chubby I’m just saying). My BMI is now 20 it was 18 before, there nothing wrong with filling out your frame, just don’t out grow it.

Check your BMI here: and have a great healthy evening ! 😋

With love x