Sorry, I’m Busy But Here’s Some Stuff About #Sex & #Christianity in the mean time


So sorry, busy, come back next week Thursday at 8pm GMT for more news and teaching! Feel free to follow the links below (click on the bit that says “More…”) where I provide answers to questions about sex and Christianity nobody asked but secretly… everybody wants to know the answer to. Hopefully this well wet your appetite for next week’s blog post 😉 at my usual time of Thursday at 8pm GMT.

#Sexual Purity

Hello, I’m back to teaching you guys again about Christian issues. Today we are talking about Sexual Purity yay! What is Sexual Purity? Sexual Purity applies to both our actions and our attitudes. It is the active choice to refrain from sexual activity outside the bounds of marriage. It is also the decision to guard […]

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Is it a sin to have #sex with your wife on her #period? – | #vagina #menstruation #biblestudy #Christianity #marriage #WorshipJesus

Helloo everyone, I’m baaaaack 😛 It’s been really busy at hopelikerivers HQ but I am slightly less busy for now. This pause gave me some time to reflect upon the hard-hitting, unusual and taboo issues that I like to address on my blog regarding Christianity and women. Today we’re looking at the issue of married […]

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