President-Elect Joe Biden

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So the major news networks have called the winner of the US Election 2020 and The President-Elect has been accepted around the world as the former Vice-President Joe Biden. The Incumbent President is mounting legal challenges regarding the legality of the votes. We’ll see how that concludes in the coming weeks.

What is The President-Elect?

The President-Elect of the United States is the person who conclusively appears to have won a presidential election in the United States but has yet to take office as President. The President-Elect has no official powers and the only constitutional provision given to this person is their availability to take the oath of office.

The Office of The President-Elect

Since 1963, U.S. federal law has empowered the General Services Administration to determine who the apparent election winner is and to help facilitate the basic functioning of the President-Elect’s transition team affectionately called “The Office of The President-Elect”, a term coined in 2008 by the then President-Elect Barak Obama. Provisions include things such as: office space, telecommunication services and transition staff members upon request, to the President-Elect (Wikipedia 2020, President-elect).

What are the Biden-Harris Priorities?

According to the Office of The President-Elect’s website the Biden-Harris transition have the following priorities:

  • COVID-19
  • Economic Recovery
  • Racial Equity
  • Climate Change

Vital Stats: The Biden-Harris Transition Team

MottoBuild Back Better
FormationNovember 7, 2020
PurposePresidential transition
Headquarters1401 Constitution Ave NW
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Co-ChairsAnita Dunn (since
September 5, 2020)
Ted Kaufman (since
June 20, 2020)
Michelle Lujan Grisham (since
September 5, 2020)
Cedric Richmond (since
September 5, 2020)
Jeffrey Zients (since
September 5, 2020)
Key peopleJoe Biden
Kamala Harris
(Wikipedia 2020, Presidential transition) (Image Public Domain 2020)

All sounds interesting, we’ll see how this all pans out.

With love from England xxx


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