SPECIAL EDITION: #BIDEN WINS #USElection 2020 – LIVE Election Results NBC News

Hey everyone!

LIVE results at the bottom of this post

What an eventful week!

It’s taken 4 working days to get to a point where the result of the election could be called with any kind of informed opinions, due to the amount of Postal Ballots cast (many people did not want to vote in person due to the risks of the COVID-19 outbreak, fair enough). To my knowledge this has never happened before in American history. Wow what a time we live in!

Where do we go from here?

There is a transition period where the incoming President gets to organize their transition team as the President Elect and this starts now. Disputes will be heard as well but in the mean time they keep counting.

Dates for your diary



  hours  minutes  seconds


Presidential Electors Vote

The Presidential Electors that make up the Electoral College meet in their respective state capitols on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December (14th of December 2020) to cast their votes and confirm the results of the election.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Congress Counts Electors Vote

The results are counted by Congress, where they are tabulated in the first week of January before a joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives, presided over by the vice president, as president of the Senate.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Presidential Inauguration

Then by law on the 20th of January the Inauguration takes place and by 12 midday the previous President stops being president and winner whoever that is becomes the president.


Kisses xxx

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